Dear Friends & Colleagues,

There is an old Chinese proverb which says, ‘May you live in interesting times.’ Whether we like it, want it or not - we are living in very interesting times. There is a lot of goings on - a new world order emerging and it is really up to us to embrace the change or not.

Even as we grow, evolve and welcome bright tomorrow, we have an inherent duty towards environment - its biodiversity and its fragile ecology. Responsible and sustainable tourism are no longer options but a deep rooted obligation.

We at LPTI recognize this and have pledged ourselves to the cause. Shaping Lives along with Goonj are working at rebuilding lives in Uttarakhand. We may never be able to erase the scars but can ease the pain.

I am very happy to present to you this edition of newsletter which provides a glimpse of our initiatives.

Warm regards

  Arjun Sharma
  Managing Director
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What we lost
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Whats New at LPTI
Shaping Lives and Uttarakhand Relief
There were no appeals required when tragedy struck the pristine and sacred region housing the ‘Char Dham’ or four revered pilgrimages for Hindus. Torrential rain had wreaked havoc as it flooded the river source resulting in the collapse of whole mountain sides and washing away villages and property in its wake. We are sure every Indian took a call to help. Similarly so, Shaping Lives. A voluntary online collection was launched for colleagues, pan-India. >>MORE
Client feedback
Client feedback
Excellent service beginning to end. I very much appreciate the flexibility and attention to detail that our large group demands. Thanks for working patiently with our group, everything in the operation was very smooth and there were no problems. We had a wonderful experience. >>MORE
Shaping Lives/ Le Passage Travel Foundation is the CSR arm of the Le Passage to India Group. It aims at moulding the lives of the underprivileged children into a meaningful future, through the travel industry. >>MORE
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