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The monsoons in India unpredictably arrived early, causing great joy and relief in the parched plains of northern India. Unfortunately what was joy for some turned into great sorrow and tragedy in the Northern Himalayan State of Uttarakhand as the unprecedented June heavy downpour and floods caused by disappearing glaciers due to global warming and imbalances in climatic conditions. Le Passage to India joins in supporting the government of India for providing relief and aid to the people of the Himalayan State.

As life goes on in other parts of India and the world, in this issue we feature the quaint fortress of Bhainsrorgarh, described as the most "dramatic" and "romantically" located fort in all India. According to British author Colonel James Tod, if ever a fiefdom was to be allotted to him, Bhainsrorgarh would be his choice. The royal family opened their doors to guests in 2006, and you are treated as royal guest in every which way. Dining at Bhainsrorgarh is an experience by itself with recipes supervised by the ladies of the royal household. We bring to you a signature dish but promise you it won’t carry the flavour of Bhainsrorgarh, for that you have to visit!

We also carry feature a less known cattle fair at Chandrabagha and the Badoli Temple, as exquisite in workmanship as Khajuraho- all located in the districts adjoining Bhainsrorgarh.

Come take the road less travelled only with Le Passage to India.

Warm regards

  Arjun Sharma
  Managing Director
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Client feedback
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